Mission Statement of the U.C.P.C.A

 The purposes for which this Association is organized are to secure a closer official and personal relationship among police officials throughout Union County, and to secure unity of action in police matters and elevate the standards of police institutions; to further the adoption of humane efforts in the enforcement of laws, the advancement along all lines pertaining to the prevention and detection of crime, and the promotion of police and education in general.

* To promote and encourage mutual cooperation, discussion and interest in the problems of law enforcement.

* To promote a forum for the exchange of ideas, to conduct and promote seminars, conferences and research into enforcement and educational methods.

* To raise monies; to acquire funds to spend the monies of the Association in a manner authorized by law to accomplish the aforementioned goals.

Union County Police Chiefs Association

75 North Martine Ave

Fanwood, NJ 07023

 Union County
 Police Chiefs Association

State of New Jersey

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Chief Pedro Matos
Clark Police Department

Chief Chris Debbie
Union County Police Department 
First Vice President

Chief Ted Conley
Scotch Plains Department
Second Vice President

Chief Richard Trigo
Fanwood Police Department

Chief Robert Weck
         Summit Police Department

Chief Walt Berg
  Winfield Police Department
Sergeant at Arms

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